Calum Kerr Statement on Snap Election

I would welcome the opportunity to go back to the people who elected me and to make a renewed case for representing the region I’m proud to call home. 

However I do question the Prime Minister’s motives in calling this extraordinary vote.

The naked opportunism behind this move puts the interests of an increasingly right-wing Tory Party before those of the country. 

It is clearly an attempt to take advantage of the chaos within the Labour Party, who have failed so consistently to provide a functioning opposition. 

The SNP are the true opposition at Westminster. 

A strong opposition has never been more necessary and as we’ve recently seen with the controversial “rape clause”, the Scottish Conservatives will fall into line behind their London leadership on any issue.

To vote Tory in June is to endorse a hard Brexit and to provide the government with an unconstrained mandate.

In holding the government to account on Brexit, it has become clear to me that the Prime Minister knows she is losing the argument and that she has called this election so that it is out of the way before the full impact of Brexit becomes clear. 

Since I was elected, I have fought first and foremost for the issues that matter most to my constituents. 

On the front bench at Westminster and in our local communities, I have stood up for the interests of the rural economy, taken forward the pressing issue of digital connectivity and worked with people of all parties, and none, on issues that matter to the Borders. 

I cannot overstate how much of an honour it has been to represent the people of Berwickshire, Roxburgh and Selkirk over the past two years.

Given the immense challenges we face, there is no doubt in my mind that there is so much more work that needs to be done to protect the interests of the Borders.

This is why I will be putting myself forward to be selected as a candidate for re-election on 8 June.