Statement on the US Election

It’s important to respect the outcome of this election and the change in direction that this represents for America, even if we disagree fundamentally with that change. 

We can’t choose another country’s leader on its behalf, but we can continue to engage with America based on the countless things that we have in common. 

We also can’t ignore the fact that this was a bitter and divisive campaign: there’s no easy route to move beyond the divisions that the contest has brought to the surface. 

All over the world, we are seeing people express disillusionment with politics. Many politicians have become far too distant and removed from people who lack a sense of control over their own lives. This has led to a desire for radical change which is re-shaping politics in America but also in Scotland, the UK and across Europe. 

But it’s important to remember that the links Scotland has with America go way beyond the politics of the day, they consist of deep cultural and social bonds. We will still share values based on human rights and the rule of law and we will still share a common language: these are all factors that put the election of Donald Trump in perspective.