There's no time to waste in bringing hope, renewal and economic success to the Borders.

I've already put in place an Action Plan to bring change for the better - a plan which will make a real difference to people living and working here.

It includes:

Stronger powers to bring in much-needed investment . The Borders needs more and higher value jobs. Plus I'll campaign for the Living Wage and for an end to zero hours contracts.

Better transport. We need a feasibility study into our fantastic new Borders Railway going beyond Tweedbank and on to Hawick and Carlisle. It needs to connect us directly with England too, just as the old Waverley line did until scandalously axed in the 1960s. And there's a strong case for improvements to our roads, too.

Improving our communications. High speed internet access is critical for both large and small business, but Berwickshire, Roxburgh and Selkirk still has some of the worst blackspots in the UK. Our mobile networks, too, are poor and too patchy. None of this is acceptable. I intend to get us on the fast track to improvements.

Selling the Borders. I'd like to see more promotion of our fantastic region and its potential, products and services across a whole range of areas. That in turn will hopefully lead to more investment and job opportunities.

A stronger Scottish voice in the EU. This is critical for our farming and fishing communities. The Tories have consistently sold them out and Scotland now has the worst deal in Europe for these vital industries. I've already won a victory by getting the UK Government to commit to looking again at its shameful decision to withhold much of a €230 million EU payment intended for our farmers. I'll keep campaigning to get our rural industries the assistance and cash support they need and deserve.

Protection for our NHS. People across the Borders and Scotland enjoy top class healthcare but it's under threat from Westminster's agenda of privatisation, Barnett cuts and TTIP. I'll be a tireless advocate for keeping it properly funded and firmly in public hands.

Working for gender equality. We're doing some great things with free childcare, but we need more women in top posts - on our public bodies, and in boardrooms and workplaces. The First Minister and Scottish Government have led the way, but there's still lots to do. I'll be a firm advocate of gender balance.

More support for our businesses. Small and medium sized enterprises in particular are the key to our prosperity, and I'll do everything I can to help them grow. Plus I'll work for the revival of our High Streets and for Full Assisted Area status for the Borders and all Scotland's rural areas.

Collecting taxes from multinational companies and banks as well as handing power over VAT and Corporation Tax to Scotland. That means more funds for investment in this constituency and across the Borders.

More powers for the Borders and for Scotland. Like all our 56 SNP MPs, I want to see Westminster's powers brought home and all the recommendations of the Smith Commission implemented. The more we can do for ourselves, the better the outcomes we can obtain. I want full Scottish Home Rule - control over everything except defence and foreign affairs. Then, in time, we can move on to full independence.

This Action Plan this isn't just about my ideas - as a constituent, your voice and ideas are critical too.

I'd love to hear about the changes you'd like to see and what we can do together to make the Borders and Scotland a better, fairer and more prosperous place.

You'll find my contact details on this web site, and I'd be delighted to come and meet you personally. Please do get in touch!