The Scottish Borders are my home. I was born locally, have spent most of my life in the region and now live here with my family.

That means I've seen our problems and our opportunities at first hand. I understand our proud and distinctive history, people, traditions and economy. And I know what we need to do to make this a great place to live and work.

I'm a history graduate from St Andrews and before being elected as an MP on May 7, worked here in the Borders for a global telecommunications company. I'm married with three children - my wife works for the NHS.

I also have a history of working with charities, which means I have experience of local poverty at first hand. I know how tough life can be for families under this Tory government. Indeed, with more austerity now to come, there's a real risk things could get even tougher.

That's why as your MP, I'll work ceaselessly for real and positive change - the change that only a the powerful SNP presence we now have at Westminster will bring.

Our group of 55 SNP MPs are already providing the real opposition to David Cameron's Conservatives. We'll never stop fighting austerity and working to win more powers for Scotland.

I've also been appointed as the party's Lead Westminster Spokesperson on the Environment, Food and Drink and Rural Affairs.

It's a fantastic opportunity to support the green agenda, help our hard pressed farming and fishing communities and promote our fantastic products - not just here in the Borders, but right across Scotland.

Politics and improving people's lives is my passion. I was lucky enough to be Chair of Yes Scottish Borders during the referendum campaign, when I helped achieve a fantastic 45 per cent increase in support. It's an example of how I'll always work hard to get things done and score real results.

As an MP, there's not much time for a life outside politics. But I'm currently a Director of Citizens Advice Direct, which deals with debt, employment and consumer advice and is in the front line of the fight against austerity.

My hobbies include rugby, supporting local Borders events and enjoying a decent malt whisky. I hope I'll be able to keep both up as an MP - but if I now find I'm too busy, I won't complain!